About Me

Avalon is a 15-year-old girl who lives in an RV. She travels Europe with her parents and her brother: Largo, while homeschooling on the road. So far, Avalon has been to 57 countries, but her favorite one is without competition: Japan! Avalon’s favorite hobbies are reading, writing and hanging out with animals, she has a hamster named Sunshine and hopes to one day have many pets including a Bernese Mountain dog, short-haired Pomeranian and a bunny. But for the moment that is out of the question because there is not enough space in the RV, although Avalon has told her parents many times that she would be willing to share her twin bed with a 50-pound dog. If you were to ask Avalon what her favorite book was she would cry and ask why you hated her so much, she has read so many good books that she could never pick which one (but she is very partial to Ready Player One). When she was little, Avalon hated writing, but once she started homeschooling she found that she loves it. Avalon hopes to one day have her books published for the world to read.

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Meet the Team

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Avalon Sueiro

Founder & Director

Avalon is an animal loving, book nerd, traveler!

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Largo Sueiro


Largo is a Lego loving, comic loving, world traveler!


Sunshine Sueiro

Director Of Cuteness

Sunshine is a pumpkin seed loving, cute ball of fur.

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